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ILERI Group Pandemic Period Visitor Reception Protocol | 8.7.20 | PY-02

ILERI Group encourages meetings to be conducted through digital communication platforms rather than face-to-face during the pandemic. However, for situations where face-to-face meetings are deemed necessary, ILERI Group accepts visitor appointments under the following protocol. 1. The number of visitors will be limited to 3 people. 2. Visitors must undergo the following health checks at the security checkpoint: 2.1. Temperature measurement and mask control are conducted at the company's security checkpoint. Individuals without masks and/or with a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher will not be admitted to the company. 2.2. Visitors are required to fill out the Visitor Health Information Form at the security checkpoint. Visitors providing answers on the form that do not meet the acceptance criteria for any of the questions will not be admitted to the company. 3. Visitors who pass the above-mentioned checks are admitted only to the meeting room located at the gallery entrance, with a limited number of participants and in compliance with social distancing rules. 4. Visitors are not allowed access to social areas and offices under any circumstances. 5. Due to the health protocol at the company entrance, visitors are required to arrive at the security checkpoint at least 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment. Wishing you healthy days, ILERI Group Management