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About Us
Our Human Resources Policy:
Since the beginning, Ileri Group is well aware that investing in the human resources is the main strength for competing and developing.

We set our main goal as the high performance and excellence in all our activities. We sincerely believe in equal work opportunity no matter what are our employee’s sexes, ethnical backgrounds, ages, religions, political views or physical conditions. This belief is also contains an approach of equal opportunity in job advertisement, orientation, promotion, salary, education and other labour rights.
Another main goal to reach is to establish high quality, friendly, professional work environment to make sure that our Work Force lives in harmony individually and institutionally. 
Our Group is placed itself on a very well deserved place with the know-how, technology and innovative products held in hand.
Our main criteria are to keep our Brain Power with the transparent and equal administrative approach.
We aim to stay as the Leader of our sector by making a constant difference from our competitors with the Work Force we have created through the years. We also aim to be the main player in International Stage.
Keeping us in this very well deserved place is mainly the hunger of development and openness towards constant education from top to bottom including the Board.
With this, our main objective is updating our Human Resources Policies day in day out and keeping these policies in a dynamic way to achieve our further goals.